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Some Virginia insurers are putting vital medications beyond the reach of many patients. We encourage the Virginia Assembly to take action to limit patient out-of-pocket costs.

Fair Copay VA is dedicated to ensuring patient access to vital medications. We urge legislators to pass monthly caps for patient out-of-pocket costs so that Virginians don’t go without treatment.

For great resources on health insurance specialty tiers and their impact on Virginia patients, visit  

Some insurers are charging patients with cancer, MS, arthritis and more 20-50% of the total cost of their treatment. VA legislators should protect patients and limit patient out-of-pocket costs.

Find out what health insurance “specialty tiers” are and how they are putting the cost of treatment beyond reach for many Virginians.

Skyrocketing patient out-of-pocket costs are bad for Virginia patients and bad for Virginia business. 

Some of Virginia’s most vulnerable patient populations aren’t getting the treatments they need due to health insurance specialty tiers and rising out-of-pocket costs. Find out what Fair Copay VA is doing to help here.

The Affordable Care Act didn’t go far enough to protect Virginia patients from burdensome out-of-pocket costs. Find out about the impact on patients.

ObamaCare doesn’t go far enough to ensure that Virginians with access to the treatments they need. We need a legislative solution in VA. #FairCopayVA

Some Virginia insurers are using a loophole in Obamacare to raise out-of-pocket costs for treatments. Virginia needs legislation now. #FairCoPayVA

Many Virginians who paid their insurance premiums are in danger of being priced out of the coverage they paid for because of health insurance specialty tiers. We urge legislators to take action to limit patient out-of-pocket costs for vital medication.